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Transfigurations - A Transgender Support Group in Devon, UK

Supporting all transsexual, transgender and intersex people throughout the South West - and beyond

Helpline and Support

Please click anywhere in the Newsflash above for details of when the line is open for calls.

Our new website will be going live in the next 24 hours. Once this happens, you will be automatically redirected to the new website which is on a new domain and the .co.uk ending will be replaced with an .org.uk ending. You can visit the new website now - but it will be undergoing a few more tweaks over the next week or so.
Thank you for your patience as the new site is fully developed

Transfigurations is a transgender support group based in the South West of the UK which was set up to help all transgender people (transsexual, transvestite, intersex, genderqueer, trans youth etc.) come to terms with our gender identity and provide a meeting place where we can feel safe and explore our feelings about ourselves. A meeting place has been found in Torquay, South Devon and we initially plan to meet once a month, on the first Wednesday evening of each month. You are welcome to download our brochure for the group which you can find here. We also cover the Plymouth and Exeter areas and have members who travel from those areas.

All of our official documentation regarding our Constitution and Safeguarding Policies can be found by clicking on the "Policy Documents" link button on the left hand side of the page (or via the selection box at the bottom of every page).

We now have some online forums where you can discuss in safety aspects of your transition and we might have the solution to any problems that you might be having. There are forums for general chat and also separate forums for trans men and trans women. There are also special sections purely for the partners of transgender people where you can discuss your feelings with other partners in complete privacy - ordinary members do not have access to this section. We also have special sections for the parents of transgender children and trans youth and also for trans youth and their parents. These latter forums are solely for the use of people in these special categories, nobody else will be allowed to join these sections (see below).

The group will enable you to discuss any problems which you might be experiencing - whether it is work related, problems with neighbours or concerns about your medical treatment - or any of the other myriad problems which can affect people who are thinking of, or going through, transition.

We hope to have discussions which will be led both by members of the group and by outside people (eg by officers from the Devon and Cornwall Police's diversity team) and demonstrations by people such as beauty/make-up experts. For transgender or transsexual men, we hope to get discussions led by a few trans men who have been transitioned for many years and will able to guide you with their considerable experience. The group is run by an experienced trans woman (who has been transitioned for over 40 years and so has plenty of experience). An interim calendar of events for 2015/16 can be found here.

The group is open to trans men and women - and all who fall under the transgender umbrella, so if you are a transvestite or cross-dresser, you will still be welcome to attend. Supporters of transgender people are also welcome to attend meetings. Trans youth can also attend, but please contact Carol, the administrator, first before attending - either by email (see Contact Page on the left hand side of this page) or via our helpline.

Transgender friendly doctors and GP's:
Coming out can be a very emotionally challenging time and if you need to seek medical help to start your journey it can severely affect your mental well-being if you have a GP who is unsympathetic or even antagonistic towards your transition. To this end we are doing a survey to find out those GP's and doctors who are sympathetic and understanding. If you have a trans friendly GP you can help others in your area by completing a short 5 min survey here.
If you are searching for a good GP or doctor, you might like to see if there is one listed in your area by looking at our survey results here

Transgender Youth/Transgender Children:
Whilst we welcome trans children and trans youth attending, in the case of children under the age of 13, we would only allow you to attend meetings if at least one of your parents attends those meetings with you. For trans youth between the ages of 13 to 16, then we would insist that a parent comes with you to your first and second meetings and then, subject to your parent's written permission, you may attend on your own.
If you cannot obtain your parent's consent for any reason but would like to talk to somebody about how you are feeling, you can either contact the help and support line or send me an email.

The owner of the group has been CRB checked at advanced level and you are welcome to ask to view the CRB check for your satisfaction. If you would like to attend a group meeting on your own first, then we would welcome this too - or, should you prefer to meet up first for an informal chat over a cup of coffee, then I would be happy to do this.

Forums for Trans Youth:
We have an age restriction of 13 before you can join the forums without first obtaining permission from a parent or guardian. If you are under 13 then you will be able to download a consent form which you must get one of your parents or guardians to sign which they must then post off to me.

Please click here to see an image of where to click to download the consent form as it is easy to miss.

Alternatively you can download it from here, fill it in with your name, the username that you would like to use on the forum, your date of birth and any other relevant information and then get a parent or guardian to sign the form and post it back to me. I will email you with your password and the relevant link to get into the forums - once everything has been checked and verified

Once I have received the signed consent form I will validate your forum account - but you will be restricted to just the youth forum until you are 16 years old. If your parents would like to speak to me about this, use the Contact Form to email me with their telephone number (and a convenient time to call) and I will then phone them back to discuss the situation.
I would welcome your parents joining the forum as there is a special section for them - and provided that they have a child who is transgender and who is a member of the forums, they will then be granted access to the trans youth forum as well as all the other forums.


  Transfiguration: (n) to change the appearance of a person or thing very much, usually in a very positive way